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'Like so many paradoxes in this life, we live in darkness until we choose to see the light in the darkness. A warrior must silent the outer voices to hear the inner voices of her true self and o God." 


- Co-Authored by Jacquie Fazekas

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Healthy living begins when we look inside and see what we want to look like on the outside.  It is supported by a circle of friends and a healthy living partners like
BAMA Health Foods
that help us to reach our goals.
BAMA Health Foods is about Helping Every Customer to Create Healthy Habits that Nourish, not Restrict or Punish

Do You Crave Meaningful Relationships, But Don’t Know Where to Start? Maybe you feel something is holding you back from what you desire most in life, but you aren’t sure what it is. 

- Author Jacquie Fazekas

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Once a month, Bama Health Foods will be hosting a Ladies Night Off event where women will come together to learn a little, laugh more, shop, relax with some demos and simply take time off from the demands of life. Light snacks and drinks provided. 

Bring your elderly friends, neighbors and relatives for an awesome Senior Day of food, fun and health education. Don’t forget those who may not otherwise be able to get out!!!

Come join us.  

Limited spots Available


Randall Scott beat Stage 4 prostate cancer by taking his health into his own hands!!

Alfred stopped by the store to share his testimonial on Terry Naturally Sucontral D for blood sugar control

Gloria, a customer since ‘91, found out she had a fibroid cyst on her ovaries. This is a common problem amongst women. She decided to take the power into her own hands. Her testimony is that Pau D’Arco (an herb known for anti-tumor properties)
and @crystalstarsupplements 

Women’s Best Friend helped her to rid herself of the fibroids/cysts.


That’s fantastic!!!

Mrs Yvonne...Just a reminder from this young lady!! Eat Healthy!! Treat your temple right and you can look and feel great, even at 82 years young!!

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Enlighten and equip healthier communities by inspiring people to love, live, and lead well. As the center for wellness, we provide health food products, fresh foods, nutritional & wellness educational programs, and services to nourish the communities we serve.


“Nourishing Lives”

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