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Assistant Manager

I'm PASSIONATE about life and helping others to achieve happiness and gaining piece of mind. 


My FAVORITE HERB is Hemp, because it has more uses than any other plant known to man. Hemp is not only good for your physical, mental and spiritual health, but it can be made into building materials, clothes, food and much more.  Hemp is the true super herb.

My FAVORITE FOOD is sugar free candy of any sort.

I am NOURISHING MY BODY with daily prayer and meditation, along with healthy thoughts.

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Sales Associate

I'm PASSIONATE about chiropractic, gymnastics and stretching, writing, reading, jogging and revitalizing our community. I am a professional lover of people and health.


My FAVORITE HERB is Uva Ursi - What does it not do?

My FAVORITE FOOD is Oatmeal.

I am NOURISHING MY BODY with Jesus, Colloidal Silver, Life's Fortune Herbal Fiber, Aloe Vera Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pau D'arco, Iodine and Raw Adrenals.

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Sales Associate

I'm PASSIONATE about self sustainability, alternative holistic living, herbal medicines, photography and animals.

My FAVORITE HERB is Pau D'Arco because it has been known to cure cancer and inhibit tumor growth. So many people have found great use out of it.  It's nice to have hope for something that is supposed to be completely unmanageable, not to mention this herb has many other awesome benefits

My FAVORITE FOOD is Soy, because I use it so often to sustain my body and it makes up so many things I eat, being vegetarian.

I am always NOURISHING MY BODY with CHA Water™. A good multi-vitamin like Source of Life Gold or Life's Fortune. Herbal teas like Yogi Positive Energy, no meat and a regular eating and sleeping schedule.

Butterfly on Thistle


Sales Associate

BAMA Health Foods is always looking for PASSIONATE business associates with a heart for the community and for healthy living.

Like a Butterfly, My FAVORITE HERB is the one that heals the body, calms the mind and invigorates the soul.


My FAVORITE FOOD feeds my body, mind and soul


NOURISHING MY BODY improves the quality of the life I am destine to live.

Like a BUTTERFLY our staff is a mosaic of the community we serve.


BAMA Health Foods



1923 Bessemer Rd

Birmingham, AL 35208

M-Sat 9:30AM - 5:30PM

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